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Monday, November 07, 2005

Sweep and Relocate (14)

Increased human activity in our sector has convinced us to relocate lairs. On the way we also swept a popular sector of all human activity.

The Tryon Building had some very heavy barricades that suggested human habitation. Unfortunately, we only found (and killed) Indeets, elango and Habibi within.

The Hayler Building with its heavily fortified doors and windows also only concealed three victims: we suspect julich, Jerry Coe and Soloman Kane regretted spending the night here.

Collis Bank had a single occupant (ttttt); hardly worth the effort required to knock down the very strong barricades built there.

The Hambro building was a bit more rewarding. Very strong barricades concealed blusia, Donald8, Nick Jensen, Mr Electric, Mrs Electric (do you think these two are related?) and Mooseknuckle. Their corpses now lie scattered amongst the sand garden therein.

To round out the evenings activity, a pair of zombies located Seth Davis loitering outside the Pilgrim Hotel; he is no more.

Major operations against human concentrations continues tomorrow.


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