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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Zombie-Horde has retired

Although its pretty obvious from the lack of recent posts, the Zombie-Horde has retired (for now!) I've taken the liberty of listing this blog within the blogspot directory (as our anonymity is no longer an issue.)

We hope you enjoy reading our short undead history here and look forward to inflicting pain and suffering upon as many of you as possible in future MMO endeavours.

- Uber-Zombie

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Resurrection (8)

Its been around six months since our last foray into Malton. Six months spent cleaning the blood from our muck encrusted nails so that we could work our day jobs, pay our bills and undertake all those necessary chores that any good undead need to perform to carry out their undead lives ... well, you get the picture.

Now, with a wee bit of spare time available, the Zombie-Horde is making its triumphant return, with malicious mayhem against Malton's minions on our mind!

As we had acquired rather large bellies due to lack of exercise, we limited our forays to the Tryon Building, Clayton Cinema, Club Cother and Wedderburn Auto Repair where we managed to summarily execute: pipy, x PK x, Freddy Smithson, Bug Dursley, PackenWood, KK Downing, Feuerwehr and Ghash'n. We also tried out the Ransack skill on the Repair building just to test our new abilities.

We'll get back into the more elaborate after-action reports in the near future, but for now, the horde rests, content that it still has the unholy gift of slaughtering the innocent as they sleep peacefully in their beds.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Two Buildings (15)

Our original intent was to repeat our assault on Dear Street PD but events were to occur that would change our intent even as our attack was going in.

The initial assaulters found the doors to Dear Street wide open; it appeared that some other zombies had also visited this lair of humanity.

Inside we commenced the slaughter killing ogie, Eric Cord, Ben Augusta, Calloway, Brian Blessed, Kobilicious, Osric Krueger and Nanako. Fleshy Corpsen escaped at the last moment dodging a lazy blow from one of our zombie attackers.

At this point, John Hargrave launched an attack on our lair killing a single zombie. Before we could deal with him, he fled to the nearby Bewley Building. At this point, all operations were cancelled and a new order tasked to all remaining zombies: "Attack the Bewley Building."

We blasted our way in quickly killing John Hargrave (for having the temerity to attack horde assets,) dribbly fekwit, CircUK, KidJedi, Trig Skein, DrDoom and Kerc Kasha. Once again a lucky human (this time, cranky brainfart) managed to escape at the last minute!

We returned to our lair, the taste of blood and revenge still on our bared fangs.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Dear Street Assault (14)

A quick assault on Dear Street PD was decided upon in an effort to instil fear in humans searching for ammo and weapons.

We changed the jump off time for this attack to an earlier hour and managed to catch the inhabitants flat footed. There was no resistance to speak of and a number of high profile humans were killed including Mark Whalberg (leader of TZH!,) Gist, RandomZombie082, Xenomrph, Cabinet Sanchez, Daniel Mannix, CopymandiasKoK, Muo Ping, Corey Bishop, morham4, JrX, coppertop, DaddlM and feel.

No casualties were suffered and no zombies were harmed during the making of this offensive.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Bunker Busting - Part 1 (10)

In the interests of keeping the humans off balance, the Horde realises the necessity of occasionally attacking hard targets that have been heavily barricaded, even if there are only a handful of humans within (if any.)

As such, we decided to target a handful of buildings with formidable defences. Sure this wouldn't boost our kill statistics that much, but we figure that these actions may encourage humans to find illusionary safety in numbers making future assaults more deadly.

We started off with the loosely barricaded Hayler Building (it was en-route to other targets,) killing Jant, BigIan and Dick Benway.

The extremely heavily barricaded Kelland Motel was next. Inside we slaughtered Vorpal Bunny, PenalBa and Professor Chopsalot.

The Hambro Building was next, its heavily barricaded portals proving of minimal resistance. Inside we found (and ate) Vandal, Izzy Koopa and ZS Clown.

Finally we targetted the extremely heavily barricaded vault of Bugby Bank killing a lone F'aeyd within.

A small detachment also broke into the Factory along the northern border of North Blythville but failed to kill the solitary malynyak.

We will continue this policy on an irregular basis in the future.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Herbert Road Assault (16)

With the Horde feeling a bit peckish, another little breakfast excursion to Herbert Road PD was called for.

The very strong barricades formed little resistance for our experience assault team who made short work of Barry Burton, Jersey Mike, Kalyar, zombie0000, Elaine Parks, SgtBod and Turk Father.

At this point Vincent Naubs counter-attacked and heavily re-barricaded the doors.

The Horde, used to these minor setbacks, resumed the assault several minutes later, breaking in and killing Siraka, Vincent Naubs (who probably regrets drawing attention to himself,) Swamp Fox, Muo Ping, Naminuke, Harry Goff, Jeffery T, Eddie Lambert and Gothmog1065.

We infected a handful of the remaining survivors before heading back to our lair to sleep off our feast.

Monday, November 14, 2005

On the prowl (16)

No planned attack today; just a quick jaunt around several suburbs looking for easy kills.

The Tryon Building in Lerwill Heights was open and housed G4NGST4 as well as around 16 zombies! We suspect he was happy to be put of his misery immediately.

St Willibrord's Hospital next door had some new residents, although we are unsure if the very heavy barricade demolition work was worth killing DRG, founddog and Ryan Glover. They appeared to be new at the survivor game as the horde just cannot pass up some good "break and entering."

Next stop was the Hayler Building. Good tip for prospective zombies, if you see someone loitering outside a building, chances are the building is heavily barricaded and they don't have the free running skill ... or they have a deathwish. As it turned out, it was the former. We killed Andrew Young who was struggling to enter before dealing out some well earned death to Sergeant Doctor, Bad Soldier and Keichix who were dozing within.

Club Cother had a single occupant who was quickly put to the fang. His name was Apopcal but that is of no importance now.

Other teams had swept to the south-east where they discovered the Hambro Building looking suspiciously occupied. Inside were Hatchet Job, Spitford Jones and reamer who all died within several minutes of frenzied claw and tooth work.

The same team noticed bastun123 standing outside Bugby Bank. Sure enough it was extremely heavily barricaded but this team didn't want to do any barricade work, so they settled for eating the outsider instead before moving on.

Shadownaki was discovered loitering at Luttrell Plaza and was quickly set upon.

The team then scouted further to the east discovering a LOT of zombies out in the open including several 20 Z teams at Bidgood Way Police Dept and other sites. As the doors were open at Bidgood we popped in for a quick look and found 10 humans within. We killed GueveraChe when all of a sudden, Sir Chubb entered the building, took in the scene, screamed "guys get out of here" then ran off himself. With a few AP left we took out the detector before returning to our digs.

The horde is now considering venturing further to the east to join up with our comrades in death.