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Monday, November 14, 2005

On the prowl (16)

No planned attack today; just a quick jaunt around several suburbs looking for easy kills.

The Tryon Building in Lerwill Heights was open and housed G4NGST4 as well as around 16 zombies! We suspect he was happy to be put of his misery immediately.

St Willibrord's Hospital next door had some new residents, although we are unsure if the very heavy barricade demolition work was worth killing DRG, founddog and Ryan Glover. They appeared to be new at the survivor game as the horde just cannot pass up some good "break and entering."

Next stop was the Hayler Building. Good tip for prospective zombies, if you see someone loitering outside a building, chances are the building is heavily barricaded and they don't have the free running skill ... or they have a deathwish. As it turned out, it was the former. We killed Andrew Young who was struggling to enter before dealing out some well earned death to Sergeant Doctor, Bad Soldier and Keichix who were dozing within.

Club Cother had a single occupant who was quickly put to the fang. His name was Apopcal but that is of no importance now.

Other teams had swept to the south-east where they discovered the Hambro Building looking suspiciously occupied. Inside were Hatchet Job, Spitford Jones and reamer who all died within several minutes of frenzied claw and tooth work.

The same team noticed bastun123 standing outside Bugby Bank. Sure enough it was extremely heavily barricaded but this team didn't want to do any barricade work, so they settled for eating the outsider instead before moving on.

Shadownaki was discovered loitering at Luttrell Plaza and was quickly set upon.

The team then scouted further to the east discovering a LOT of zombies out in the open including several 20 Z teams at Bidgood Way Police Dept and other sites. As the doors were open at Bidgood we popped in for a quick look and found 10 humans within. We killed GueveraChe when all of a sudden, Sir Chubb entered the building, took in the scene, screamed "guys get out of here" then ran off himself. With a few AP left we took out the detector before returning to our digs.

The horde is now considering venturing further to the east to join up with our comrades in death.


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