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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Dear Street Fiasco (9)

Well, we decided upon another raid on Dear Street Police Station after a long hiatus. Based on previous assaults and our actions at the other two PDs we suspected that a LOT of humans were holed up here. As it turned out, our assumption was accurate; unfortunately this also meant that more humans were alert and not alarmed at our impending approach.

The heavily barricaded doors were eventually knocked down allowing us to enter the building. Inside we found an even 50 humans sleeping soundly. We managed to kill Ray Winstone, Kiiro and Big Nixon (who are all on our wanted list or members of TZH,) before Jack Syder intervened, killing one attacker and rebarricading the doors.

We repeatedly assault the heavy barricades until we broke in once again, killing Doc Daddy in the process. At this point Knudsen115 started to throw his weight around rebarricading up to very strong!

We broke through once again killing Taxman 101 before Edgar Pratt rebarricaded to heavy yet again!

With one final assault we blasted through for a fourth time to kill headlessagnew, RandomZombie082, Edgar Pratt and Xenomrph before fleeing into the late morning light. There was no sign of Jack Syder or Knudsen115 so we suspect they hid nearby to avoid the fireworks.

An example of persistence? Perhaps. A waste of AP? Definitely. Would we do it again? Too right!


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