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Friday, November 11, 2005

Lerwill Heights Sweep (20)

A major operation this evening and a new record for kills made during a day!

Given the bloodshed at Herbert Road PD yesterday, we decided to spread out and sweep several buildings in Lerwill Heights instead to give the humans time to reconsolidate and gather once again at our popular feeding ground.

St Willibrord's Hospital and its quite strong barricades were our first stop where we found 11 humans snoozing in the various wards. We managed to kill ZombieDisturbed, E220R, Hexustein, collum1, AAARRRRGH, ChrisTalbot, OwlishNecro and dehavilland before Turde started throwing his weight around. When he was targetted by our attackers he quickly left leaving us to finish off Rimaloi and CrackaJack.

The loosely barricaded Wedderburn Auto Repair yielded one rather dead Capitan hero who was the unfortunate sole defender.

Another team had checked out the Hambro Building (even though the doors were open) and found (and killed) Kustross, Steven Smith, Edgar Alva and L4rs Ulrich (who were slightly wounded from battles earlier in the wee small hours we gathered.)

Ridere was spotted at Clynton Alley and killed out of hand for being stupid enough to stand out in the open on his/her own.

The Peach Museum housed Doreau and PKGriefer7, both heavily wounded, but just as tasty as fully healed humans normally are.

The funniest episode was bumping into DippytheStick at Club Cother. We exchanged blows for a bit before he started to head to the south-west (we suspect he was low on AP at the time.) We managed to follow him, clawing at him from time to time, as he stumbled along. He eventually ran into an open Club Lynn where we quickly killed him (his gambit of shaking us off failed and he must have run out of AP.)

The final kill of the night was back at Club Cother where we found arlodarlo trying to hide under a Korg keyboard.

All in all, a most satisfactory night of slaughter.


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