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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Return to Herbert Road PD (16)

Operations today were focused on Herbert Road Police Department. Readers may feel that repeatedly attacking the same target could become boring, but we are attempting to deny human access to some buildings; besides we like killing people and they seem to keep conglomerating in these areas despite our repeated efforts.

Very strong barricades at the Police Department today but we quickly broke in and slaughtered MouseSpinks Jr, Reeve42, dazzlerdal, Krary, daikonpoo, Mitch Mullen, Boss Randall, ff3, Kobilicious, Andrew Young and DarkSi.

At this point Lord Tin Tin arrived, threw out the dead, threw up a barricade and threw down one of our attackers! We waited several minutes before resuming the assault.

Once again, very strong barricades delayed our entry into the site, but our entry into this lair of humanity was a foregone conclusion based on our previous efforts. Lord Tin Tin, MadSam, Take my picture, Thog and Jan Ceulemans were all killed before we slunk away into the shadows of our lair.

Tomorrow we attack another human outpost in North Blythville.


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