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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Two pronged assault (15)

Turn out this evening was less than had been hoped for, but given that its a Saturday I guess this is understandable. Given the low numbers, we broke up into two teams to attack Langman Lane Fire Station and Tarasius General Hospital to see what kind of damage we could do.

The Fire Station was quite strongly barricaded but the doors were easily breached yielding seven slumbering humans. We quickly killed Specs, exposez, Terrat, Blockbuster, Gist, Cameos Red Codpiece and shu3 before retiring to our lair.

The second team encountered a bit more stubborn resistance in the form of some very strong barricades. When breached we found an even dozen occupants; too many for the small team to kill. The team settled on Gordi Bro, ZS Comunications, ZS Clown, ZS Scientist, Bumblers, MaxForbes, monsterface and GhastlyMad. The survivors were quickly infected before the Z's departed for a well earned snooze.


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