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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Bunker Busting - Part 1 (10)

In the interests of keeping the humans off balance, the Horde realises the necessity of occasionally attacking hard targets that have been heavily barricaded, even if there are only a handful of humans within (if any.)

As such, we decided to target a handful of buildings with formidable defences. Sure this wouldn't boost our kill statistics that much, but we figure that these actions may encourage humans to find illusionary safety in numbers making future assaults more deadly.

We started off with the loosely barricaded Hayler Building (it was en-route to other targets,) killing Jant, BigIan and Dick Benway.

The extremely heavily barricaded Kelland Motel was next. Inside we slaughtered Vorpal Bunny, PenalBa and Professor Chopsalot.

The Hambro Building was next, its heavily barricaded portals proving of minimal resistance. Inside we found (and ate) Vandal, Izzy Koopa and ZS Clown.

Finally we targetted the extremely heavily barricaded vault of Bugby Bank killing a lone F'aeyd within.

A small detachment also broke into the Factory along the northern border of North Blythville but failed to kill the solitary malynyak.

We will continue this policy on an irregular basis in the future.


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