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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Herbert Road Assault (16)

With the Horde feeling a bit peckish, another little breakfast excursion to Herbert Road PD was called for.

The very strong barricades formed little resistance for our experience assault team who made short work of Barry Burton, Jersey Mike, Kalyar, zombie0000, Elaine Parks, SgtBod and Turk Father.

At this point Vincent Naubs counter-attacked and heavily re-barricaded the doors.

The Horde, used to these minor setbacks, resumed the assault several minutes later, breaking in and killing Siraka, Vincent Naubs (who probably regrets drawing attention to himself,) Swamp Fox, Muo Ping, Naminuke, Harry Goff, Jeffery T, Eddie Lambert and Gothmog1065.

We infected a handful of the remaining survivors before heading back to our lair to sleep off our feast.


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