Zombie Horde - An Urban Dead Experience

Friday, September 30, 2005

Blue Barricades (6)

It appears as though the humans in North Blytheville are waking up earlier now.

A planned assault on Herbert Street Police Dept. by a large portion of the horde encountered some very heavily barricaded ramparts. It took longer to break in, but we were still greated to the gentle snores of slumbering individuals oblivious to the fate about to fall them.

We killed Ray Winstone and were starting on IceBloken when destiny struck with a vengeance. All activity ceased. It was though the entire world had frozen, its existence temporarily suspended by some unseen hand. When we finally managed to move again 20 minutes later, the barricades had been rebuilt once again to a heavy level.

Once more the forces of the horde threw themselves ceaselessly at the barricades, once again forcing them open. This time we finished off IceBloken, Whiet, Kiiro, Masked Avenger and Zroke before lumbering off into the early dawn light.

It must be noted that one Melvin Nurgle was the individual responsible for re-barricading the precinct and then taking his revenge on one of our zombie assaulters. When he realized that more zombies were hammering at the gates, he fled to the west. He was observed by another scout fleeing towards Judge Road Police Dept.

Perhaps we will pay him a visit tomorrow ...

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Langman Lane Fire Station (5)

Turn out for tonight's raid was rather lackluster; apparently some zombies were installing servers for a major corpse-a-thon tomorrow evening while others were doing roadie work for the Grateful Dead (now simply known as "The Dead.") Given the low numbers, we decided to pay a visit to Langman Lane Fire Station, as it seems to attract less numbers than the nearby Herbert Street Police Station and Tarasius General Hospital.

The station was suprisingly well barricaded but eventually fell to some well muscled shoulder charges. Inside were only eight humans cowering in one of the fire trucks. A quick study of them showed that there were all neophytes with very little in the way of defensive skills or even smarts!

As per standard operating procedure, the horde attacked anyway killing beeler, Periphetes, bobby bones, Lu Bu and Pumpkin King, before lurching off back to our lair before daylight filtered through the sickly grey clouds overhead.

It is almost time for the horde to extend its hand forth once again in a massed assault against one of the larger bastions of humanity. Soon, my brethren ... soon.

Twilight raid (1)

Reports just in that two of the horde got a bit frisky this evening and made a unauthorized trip to St Willibrords Hospital to take out a detected human. Dr Light has since been terminated with extreme prejudice.

The horde normally takes exception to unapproved excursions but given the result (and a level up for one of our boys,) punishment will not be meted out this time.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Spicy Death (1)

An interesting event happened today.. Although G1 and G2 have been inseparable up to this point, G1 awoke in Spicer Hills to find he was alone, confused and unsure why he felt the need to kill, and it wasn't long before his lust was fulfilled.

A dash across the playground, with a quick trip down the super slide and he was outside the Silence Museum, a lone soul looking on anxiously as G1 approached.

G1, seeing the fear in the "live ones" eyes quickened his pace gaaaahring as he went.

A few bites and it was all over, a munch and a crunch and G1s blood lust was fulfilled, The power of one's corpse dripping blood into a nearby sewer.

A glance over the street worried him as a large group of gun toting zombie hunters was heading his way, he new it was time to move, he started to run and saw something poking out of his victims pocket. It was a mobile phone.

He grabbed it and fled!

Across the suburb he moved and dialled.

Lockettside he stopped he had made 4 calls, saying only one sentance “grahaar”, those that received the call knew what it meant, “Lerwill Heights… NOW!”

Hospitalized (6)

Having recently joined the horde from another pack, I was put in charge of a small scale operation to "blood me." For some reason, uber-zombie wanted me to attack Tarasius General Hospital again, even though it had been hit the previous night. Not wanting to offend our dear leader, I obligingly organized the assault.

With only a small team, we still managed to break through the barricades and murder Ray Winstone, Billy Wayne (apparently he survived yesterdays assault), dutchman, Giles Brittleman, Rico Hambone and Bozoleclown. I was strictly ordered to only attack high level characters; apparently dear leader wants to encourage low level players to stick around, presumably to provide more targets for us in future weeks. I've noticed that someone also edits my posts; not too sure I like this draconian measure but I guess dear leader rules with a bony fist (UZ: nice comment, I'll leave that one!)

Uber-zombie seemed happy with my efforts and said that there will be plenty more opportunities for an up and coming zombie like myself. I think I'm going to like it here.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Outbreak (7)

There's this guy called James Crick who keeps pestering us in our lair while we nap, taking DNA samples left, right and center. Admittedly, he's pretty benign but today he's ticked me off and as he left a scent trail, we're off to pay him a visit at Tarasius General Hospital.

Only a small proportion of the horde were available for today's mission but we still managed to break down the doors in reception and run amok within.

We tracked down our felon in Outpatients napping next to a snack machine and used his intestines to decorate the walls there. In an effort to experiment with this new found plague, we killed just about all of the individuals with medical skills and infected the rest with casual love bites.

In all, James Crick, ROKFDjr ixab, champa9, scarleticia, Hehku, UDKiller and Ellice were iced, with another seven individuals infected.

We hope Billy Wayne survives the day and wonder how effective he will be at treating his diseased compadrés ...

Monday, September 26, 2005

Offensive (12)

Zombie High Command had requested yet another major assault be unleashed upon Herbert Road Police Station. Due to transport issues with some participants, the kick-off time was delayed until a bit later than usual. In addition, four zombies reported in as dead, reducing the number of APs available for our operation. Nevertheless, ZHC insisted on pressing the attack.

Once again, the barricades fell easily; this time to a single low level zombie who scored 8 hits in a row on the barricades knocking them down without raising a sweat (or whatever it is zombies excrete when they are exerting themselves ... possibly ichor or phlegm.) He has since been disciplined by our squadron leader for pre-empting the start time by several minutes.

Inside we found only 18 defenders, suggesting that our previous offensives have been scaring away some participants. As virtually (heheh) the entire horde were present, we managed to slaughter an even dozen of them, despite the token efforts of one construction worker who attempted to stem the tide of zombie corpses meandering through the door. In all, kenluan, Zack CrankWanker, edd not dead yet, Firefighter287, fireman hugh, Jack Symmonds, FreakBeen, Colin Bride, MadGuille, Parker2010, ezekiel284 and nolly bit the bullet. 11Mike can count himself lucky that he survived the last assaulter and did not get infected.

We have relocated our forces to alternate lairs for now and will reconsider our strategy tomorrow.

This is uber-zombie, signing off, outside the charnel house that is Herbert Road Police Station ...

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Infection (6)

Word on the zombie grapevine is that NecroTech scientists have discovered some nasty pathogen lurks within a zombie host. Providing a human with a nasty hickey can spread the pestilence to the human population. Interested in seeing how effective this practice would be, we embarked on yet another assault on Herbert Road Police Station (they must be getting really tired of waking up and find a lot of dead bodies scattered around ...)

Initial scouts located Zroke and Barbeq loitering around in the open several blocks away; these individuals were taken out before they could scream for assistance.

The assault on the police station was immaculate in its execution. It took a solitary zombie to knock down the "very strongly" barricaded doors. Inside we arbitrarily targetted (and slaughtered) Pvt Dead, Gus Crombie, killertouch and Masked Avenger.

With our initial blood lust sated, our last zombie cut loose with his fangs in an attempt to infect as many remaining humans as possible. At the end of the orgy of biting, our leader had managed to infect over half of the survivors (kenluan, Nikemorya, fireman hugh, TheGoon, coppertop, Nimbus, edd not dead yet, Quip, Faust2, FreakBeen (who appears to have been revivified since our last encounter), Pumpkin King and Nixlo were all successfully given the pathogen to play with over the coming days.)

I wonder how many medics are in the house? ...

Weekend Wanderings (8)

Mear Auto Repair provided some smashing and biting practice for our lower ranked mob members and some valuable lessons were learned.

Wizmond was hanging around outside our lair and provided us with some early weekend cannon fodder whilst inside Mear Auto Repair Kovnik, Kratom, Imboden and TuRkfIsH provided no resistance for even our newbies.

Our second weekend rampage was a little different with our lair being discovered and all but 2 zombies killed - we supposed that 4 nights in a row was a bit ovbious...

Still after standing up and putting or limbs back in the right places we stumbled back into Mear Auto Repair for another look, and to our delight we found (and feasted upon) zuppo, Hippay and Bellamy, leaving 1 lone human in there to clean up the bodies.

Thinking of the trouble we had last night we decided our lair was no longer safe and headed next door to await the next twilight.

With renewed vigour and a more experienced mob we hope to join the rest of the Horde in the coming days to assist on the mission to make Police Departments a no-go-zone...

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Return to Herbert Road (6)

In the hordes continued campaign to convince humans that police stations are NOT safe places to lair, we assaulted Herbert Road Police Station again after a three day respite.

Once again, the barricades were only "very strong," and it took only a few minutes to reduce them to rubble.

Inside we selectively slaughtered roughly a fifth of the denizens including momento2, Mr Empty, Howard Breen, Xavier Lo, FreakBeen and Sanc Tuary, fleeing into the early dawn light as our APs were running low.

Scouts did notice that the Boulting Building was "very heavily" barricaded; perhaps a visit by us at a future date would be appreciated by the occupants ...

Friday, September 23, 2005

Easy Pickings (4)

Rattle rattle, shook the zombiefone.

"mrph?" (that's "Hello?" in zombie)

"Braaah mrhhh ... Graaah braaah mrhhh." (loosely translated: "Judge Road is open... plenty of humans ...")

Right - that's our green light and we send our point scout down to Judge Road Police Station to make sure the road is clear.

The road is clear alright, but the barricades on Judge Road are back up to a "very heavy" state. The scout also reports three humans in the Pott's Hotel and some more in Mear Auto Repair.

"Easy pickings" he grumbles ... I mean "Brah maaar gah"

Our zombron leader starts to think about what to do - the Horde has ordered us to attack Judge Road - but he has had some drifters arrive who are not yet ready for the very heavily and well defended Police Department.

As his head starts hurting from the use of his minimal grey matter, he nods off ...

Only to be woken up a few minutes later by a comrade in death.

Startled, his decision is made.

"OK. Easy pickings it is!!"

Shortly after the new members of the zombron have feasted on Echo29, Tillt and Atrheaus; the Pott's Hotel is now clear of human infestation. On the way to Mear Auto Repair, a revivifed member is discovered and promptly returned to their deathly state. Valjean is also caught nearby, his face being introduced to the concrete pavement.

AP are now running low for all members, so the order to return to the lair is given.

There are more easy pickings nearby and those points could be very handy for the next united attack with the rest of the Horde ...

Return to Judge Road (6)

In an effort to catch the police with their jockstraps around their ankles, a large sub-unit of The Horde returned to Judge Road Police Station to make a pre-dawn raid on the very strongly barricaded ramparts. It took several of our most persistent zombies all their AP to break down the doors but when we did, we were rewarded with the sight of 37 terrified human tachos; filled with tasty, meaty goodness.

This time there was no holding back as our forces ran amok killing captain math, Conan the Barbarian, Mitchell Hundred (the crash-hot barricade assembler from yesterday,) Anal Prober, Jungle Butt (the last two just didn't want to be separated) and Kirov.

Unfortunately by the time our second wave was going to assault, a guy named Maltonian woke up yelling "Who left this place wide open?"

In answer to your question, Maltonian ...

We did.

Have a nice day.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Judge Road - Part Two (4)

Well our luck with Police Station assaults couldn't be maintained forever ...

This morning we thought we would target Judge Road Police Station, figuring that the increased travel distance was a worthwhile price to pay for the element of surprise. Alas, things did not go according to plan.

The initial assault worked like clockwork. The initial assault team jumped the gun by a few minutes but managed to knock the barricades down considerably. Our follow up force smashed through the remaining defences and was quickly in amongst the 29 humans sleeping within.

Unfortunately, Sam Stimpy happened to be awake at the time and temporarily re-barricaded the doors throwing us off balance. We managed to terminate Jove and Sam Stimpy and thought that the momentum had swung in our favour.

Alas, the noise of our guttural groans and rending of flesh woke up Mitchell Hundred. This talented construction worker threw up a barricade that was too prohibitive for our small team to assail. When he started working our inside zombie over, we decided to abort the mission. Elam was killed on the way out and we made our laborious way back to our lair to sulk.

In related news, a separate scout stumbled across and killed Ralph Plumber in a factory nearby bringing the evening score for half our horde to 4.

The brains trust (what remains of it) is now re-assessing our long term strategy ...

Judge Road - Part One (1)

Our zombron (zombie sqaud) moved out early with the sun setting over high-rise ruins; the objectives: To secure a new lair, and strike at Judge Road Police Department.

Our scouts established our lair quickly and snacked on Zed... for those of you that know Zed.... "Zed's dead baby, Zed's Dead..."

As soon as word got back that a lair was secured, a revivifed zombie was detected inside too traumatised from being a human to spend any further time outside - he is currently awaiting the death that his brothers kindly promised before the next mission...

The rest of the zombron formed the first wave of the Hordes attack on the Police Department and spent all of it's might getting the barricades down to a "lighter level"... they then returned home with splinters in their hands and tummys rumbling...

A thankyou must be mentioned to the solo zombie that popped up out of nowhere and dispatched a Human defender - it happened so quickly that names were not remembered by the Horde members sluggish brain, he didn't even feel the friendly fire he took until it was noticed back at the lair that there were teeth marks in his nose...

As hunger builds the Hordes power grows....

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Zombies Strike Twice (10)

Unlike lightning, zombies do strike twice in the same spot and as a result the 27 sleeping humans in Herbert Road Police Department (who for reasons unknown did not heed the warning from last night) were attacked again.

The Horde is becoming a finely tuned human eating machine - door openers were on hand, barricades fell like twigs and our "wounded human detector" soon informed us that our prey were quite a healthy group.

It looks like the Horde cleaned out the old and the infirm in our first raid so we set ourselves against the fittest humans we could smell. Time to show even the toughest miscreants that no Police Dept is safe, no amount of hit points can keep you breathing ...

The first of the Horde quickly graced Soult and elbows of doom with death after life, the second wave took out an elusive Jillie, whilst Buddy Chan, bob saber and hot shot offered little resistance. And as the main body of the Horde slipped back into the dark of night the stragglers took a deadly fancy to Dawn69, Evil Old Man and Blowtorch.

As the last zombie left the building, the alarm was raised by a human believed to be called Pingven who stole some belated hit points off one of our returning heroes. A drunken Matt Jay was caught near the lair relieving himself - and in turn was relieved of his life - bringing tonight's score into double figures!!

Will the anger of the humans finally be felt by the Horde after this cheeky second raid? Will they be safe in their lair free to recover their AP and recount their glorious deeds?

Most importantly ...

Do zombies strike thrice in the same spot?

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Herbert Road assault (8)

After last night's aborted raid on the Herbert Road Police Station in North Blythville, the horde figured that the humans would not expect another attack the following day.

Early at dawn, most of the horde assaulted the strongly barricaded doors and windows of this lair of degenerate humans. The barricades were not as robust as expected and the persistent clawing of our zombie brothers allowed us to break into the main office.

Inside were 28 human snacks, fitfully dozing in their sleeping bags. Knowing that we had little time, we provided 8 of these fortunate souls with the gift of undeath; addc, ZeeThree, Endwarde1, Blake Jones, Masked Avenger, Dustin Johnson, Grimaldi and Tramline are no longer one with the living.

We quickly fled to our newly prepared safe-house to rest out the day and the possible threats of revenge from the human horde.

Tomorrow we feast again ...

Monday, September 19, 2005

Too Tempting... (6)

The Horde was all geared up for an assualt on Herbert Road Police Department. Scouts were deployed and a fall back lair established. The road to the cop shop was all clear, progress was quick and soon the barricades were shaking.

A late returning scout sniffed out where three trembling humans had huddled together in a nearby cemetery. Tempting ... very tempting.

"Grraaaa stick to the plan," a voice cried out and so the barricades continued to rattle.

Moments later.

"Mrph... doorman?"

Alas, the designated door-opener had returned to the lair with low AP.

The barricades stopped shaking, one or two of the horde looked sheepishly at each other before glancing longingly at the cemetery once again. Tasty humans ... far too tempting!

Moments later Faelnor, turtlehead and alitlestar1 were disembowled. Four of the horde even decided to spend the waking hours of the day with the comforts of the dead and their bloated bellies. The rest of the horde were not as satisfied with their meal and promptly bit and smashed Silver Surfar and qtas who were munching doughnuts outside the Dear Street Police Dept.

Dawn approached, AP running low as the horde made it's way back to the lair. An observant scout located Dante SolBlade lurking in a junkyard in Lerwill Heights and munched down his brain for dessert.

Whilst a more co-ordinated attack is required for an assualt on any Police Department, the horde was happy that the only members left out in the open are the ones in the cemetery too full to move!

Human Again

Its hard being a Zombie that becomes a Human and then a Zombie again, only to be made a Human once more.

G1 and G2 felt depressed, they were just standing there waiting for the train when suddenly, kapow! Carzup! Crack! Pow! Wham! it was just like when Batman met the Joker, and they were Zombie kind no more.

At least the Train came and they made their way to
Kempsterbank a sleepy suburb where Zombie and Human live together in peace with flowers and puppies.... G1 and G2 grinned at each other as they saw their Zombie brothers stagger towards them...

A brainy start to the day (1)

It's taken a few days to re-group our zombron (that's a zombie squadron for you death neophytes) from the "wipe out" at Tarasius General and after feasting on our revivified members it was time to lumber outside.

It's bright - too bright, and the shade of a nearby factory lures us in to seek refuge from the rays.

We fall over the body of our morning snack, and take turns ripping into it until they are no more.

Some of our members are still to rattled from the wipeout to seek their own individual buffet and for now the rest seem willing to share for the good of the horde.

We stumble back to our lair to rest out the day and receive news of a fresh offensive to be launched this evening. A complete reunion of the horde. A night for humans to run not hide.

As impressions count we must also remember to bring our floss to remove the remains of breakie from our teeth.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Clubbing ... (5)

This evening the horde felt the need to break some serious moves on the dance floor. Club Chalderwood in the suburb of Shore Hills seemed like a suitable venue, especially as the occupants neglected to barricade the doors!

Inside were six rather lethargic humans who had obviously been making serious use of the bar. Of course we immediately lost interest in trying to pull some birds and set to work with fang and fingernail.

In an orgy of bloodletting, HasturtheCat, Bjorn Ingemar, fazich, Hoffman and zabellounette were casually gutted in their sleep. Unfortunately GMan80 had only been drinking mixers all evening and made his escape just before we could execute the coup de grâce!

Feeling rather bloated after our impromptu meal, we decided against dancing and returned slowly to our daytime safehouse.

In related news, one of our scouts found Ragnar in the Longman Building however due to a lack of AP, our corpse compadre was unable to completely eviscerate the slumbering lad.

Sometimes it's good to be a zombie ...

Train Boulevard (1)

G1 & G2 were pounced on last night... and yes it was in a good way!

Some Zombie hunting scum came by and did them a huge favour... now they they are a picture of death as god intended them to be.

After some admiring of each others good looks, and some hearty slaps of each others backs (Lucky they didn't break anything) they slowly made their way up the street and found a lone soul standing by the curb.

If G1 an G2 could have laughed they would have done, but with a gnaaaar and a uuuugh they bit and hit the poor sod until he breathed no more.

Satisfaction bubbled over and our two intrepid zombies found themselves at Train Boulevard. They are now waiting patiently for the train.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Party of Two


G1 and G2 have finally caught up with each other in the outskirts of Gulsonside, besides being identical twins, they are both Zombies, or should I say were.

Unfortunately after some rampaging through the Blesly Mall where fun was to be had scaring the general populace, a team of crack zombie hunters found them and turned them back into the human kind.

G1 could hear his mother now..... "Why couldn't you be more like you cousin uuuuuugh he never gets into this sort of trouble..."

G2 had a plan and both raced off to the other side of the mall to find a mob of zombies. They placed themselves in the thick of it waiting for the bright flash of light which would herald their return to their former selves.

Alas it was not to be as a group of heaverliy armed zombie hunters arrived and took the zombies to task, what's more before leaving they healed our two heros and set in concrete the fate of their bodies.

Retreat from Tarasius General (3)

Follow-up reports have shown that a few of the horde were revivified earlier today; the rest were unfortunately put down by at least a dozen humans roaming the area.

Given the magnitude of our AP losses and reduced numbers, we decided not to undertake any anti-human operations today. A quick search of the hospital revealed three humans sleeping fitfully in the Medical Imaging department; Kalan Porter, Fionn and tobbeman were summarily disembowelled by the surviving horde members.

The horde then travelled to a (hopefully) more secure safe-house, feasted on the revivified members and just manged to convert each of them back to their more appealing zombified form (once again, thanks to the humans who revivified those horde members as over 100xp was generated for those of us feasting on our unfortunate comrades.)

Perhaps the horde will have better fortune tomorrow ...

Horde wiped out

Well a hard lesson has been learnt by the horde; "Don't lair during the day in a hospital" (actually we had a pretty good idea of this prior to testing the theory but we wanted to know how active the humans are in this area ... as it turns out, they are pretty active!)

Word has come in from those zombies stirring in the early evening that they are no longer undead ... just dead. Details will be posted later today as to the circumstances surrounding this painful event.

Nevertheless, the dead shall rise again ... and will probably continue to do so indefinitely.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Battle for the Factory (2)

The factory just north of Tarasius General seemed like a useful nearby target. As it turned out, after we broke through the "very strongly barricaded" walls, we found 7 humans sleeping fitfully amongst the dusty machinery. Given the limited number of APs (and zombies present) we could only slaughter Olav Rodriguez and Chris Crisis while Tinder was heavily bitten by the last retreating zombie before dawn broke. microlab, Huntred, Bubba Sampson and Richy C can count themselves lucky to be alive!

The war continues ...

The Joys of Revivification (1)

No major operations planned today due to the antics of a single human who managed to revivify THREE of us in a single pass before flitting off into the night. Some other individuals graciously decided to fortify the building while we slept as well (which I guess makes it harder for us to re-enter if we leave.) The perils of lairing in a hospital ...

On the positive side, the remainder of the horde in the building, tore the revivified humans to pieces as soon as they rose, generously providing plenty of XP for other horde participants (reports are that two of them levelled!) We also slaughtered Egidius Braun who was cowering in terror in one of the wards; we suspect he ran out of AP and thought this would be a great place to hide (it must have been quite a surprise to find a pile of zombies idling inside ...)

So to the kind souls with the bundle of syringes and extensive construction equipment that passed through earlier today, the zombie horde extends its thanks ...

We'll post any other operational updates later today.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Lerwill Heights massacre (5)

Today's mission was "search and destroy;" mainly because we weren't too sure of the human presence in south-east Lerwill Heights; although at least one zombie hunter is known to be in the area.

The initial sweep was targeted on the Langman Lane Fire Station in North Blythville; as it was only loosely barricaded it seemed like a good target given we had no major plans for the day. Inside, were Bramstoker and Sci1; both are now gracing the cement floor with their entrails.

The main targets in Lerwill Heights were Metcalfe Museum (doors open) and Tarasius General Hospital (lightly barricaded.) As it turned out Vic Leoni was the only soul guarding the hospital, although he did provide some sport for a pair of fledgling zombies. The museum was more rewarding with Bobarino and Jokester present (the latter was sporting some nasty wounds, presumably from the zombie already present in the dinosaur exhibition area.)

All in all a good pre-dawn's work. Most of the assaulting zombies have holed up for the day ... although a couple of our breathren were cut down in the open by watchful humans and will have to "play dead" during daylight hours.

Stay tuned for more reports of horde activity in the near future ...

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Kippins Row Fire Station (2)

Today's major operation was a co-ordinated assault on the lightly defended Kippins Row Fire Station in Brooksville. Several zombies destroyed the lightly barricaded doors and strode inside, eviscerating PeaTear Griffin and Rantarr Els in an orgy of blood-encrusted fang work.

Several other operations are apparently underway but no notification from those zombie leaders has been received to date.

More gore as it comes to hand ...