Zombie Horde - An Urban Dead Experience

Friday, November 18, 2005

Two Buildings (15)

Our original intent was to repeat our assault on Dear Street PD but events were to occur that would change our intent even as our attack was going in.

The initial assaulters found the doors to Dear Street wide open; it appeared that some other zombies had also visited this lair of humanity.

Inside we commenced the slaughter killing ogie, Eric Cord, Ben Augusta, Calloway, Brian Blessed, Kobilicious, Osric Krueger and Nanako. Fleshy Corpsen escaped at the last moment dodging a lazy blow from one of our zombie attackers.

At this point, John Hargrave launched an attack on our lair killing a single zombie. Before we could deal with him, he fled to the nearby Bewley Building. At this point, all operations were cancelled and a new order tasked to all remaining zombies: "Attack the Bewley Building."

We blasted our way in quickly killing John Hargrave (for having the temerity to attack horde assets,) dribbly fekwit, CircUK, KidJedi, Trig Skein, DrDoom and Kerc Kasha. Once again a lucky human (this time, cranky brainfart) managed to escape at the last minute!

We returned to our lair, the taste of blood and revenge still on our bared fangs.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Dear Street Assault (14)

A quick assault on Dear Street PD was decided upon in an effort to instil fear in humans searching for ammo and weapons.

We changed the jump off time for this attack to an earlier hour and managed to catch the inhabitants flat footed. There was no resistance to speak of and a number of high profile humans were killed including Mark Whalberg (leader of TZH!,) Gist, RandomZombie082, Xenomrph, Cabinet Sanchez, Daniel Mannix, CopymandiasKoK, Muo Ping, Corey Bishop, morham4, JrX, coppertop, DaddlM and feel.

No casualties were suffered and no zombies were harmed during the making of this offensive.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Bunker Busting - Part 1 (10)

In the interests of keeping the humans off balance, the Horde realises the necessity of occasionally attacking hard targets that have been heavily barricaded, even if there are only a handful of humans within (if any.)

As such, we decided to target a handful of buildings with formidable defences. Sure this wouldn't boost our kill statistics that much, but we figure that these actions may encourage humans to find illusionary safety in numbers making future assaults more deadly.

We started off with the loosely barricaded Hayler Building (it was en-route to other targets,) killing Jant, BigIan and Dick Benway.

The extremely heavily barricaded Kelland Motel was next. Inside we slaughtered Vorpal Bunny, PenalBa and Professor Chopsalot.

The Hambro Building was next, its heavily barricaded portals proving of minimal resistance. Inside we found (and ate) Vandal, Izzy Koopa and ZS Clown.

Finally we targetted the extremely heavily barricaded vault of Bugby Bank killing a lone F'aeyd within.

A small detachment also broke into the Factory along the northern border of North Blythville but failed to kill the solitary malynyak.

We will continue this policy on an irregular basis in the future.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Herbert Road Assault (16)

With the Horde feeling a bit peckish, another little breakfast excursion to Herbert Road PD was called for.

The very strong barricades formed little resistance for our experience assault team who made short work of Barry Burton, Jersey Mike, Kalyar, zombie0000, Elaine Parks, SgtBod and Turk Father.

At this point Vincent Naubs counter-attacked and heavily re-barricaded the doors.

The Horde, used to these minor setbacks, resumed the assault several minutes later, breaking in and killing Siraka, Vincent Naubs (who probably regrets drawing attention to himself,) Swamp Fox, Muo Ping, Naminuke, Harry Goff, Jeffery T, Eddie Lambert and Gothmog1065.

We infected a handful of the remaining survivors before heading back to our lair to sleep off our feast.

Monday, November 14, 2005

On the prowl (16)

No planned attack today; just a quick jaunt around several suburbs looking for easy kills.

The Tryon Building in Lerwill Heights was open and housed G4NGST4 as well as around 16 zombies! We suspect he was happy to be put of his misery immediately.

St Willibrord's Hospital next door had some new residents, although we are unsure if the very heavy barricade demolition work was worth killing DRG, founddog and Ryan Glover. They appeared to be new at the survivor game as the horde just cannot pass up some good "break and entering."

Next stop was the Hayler Building. Good tip for prospective zombies, if you see someone loitering outside a building, chances are the building is heavily barricaded and they don't have the free running skill ... or they have a deathwish. As it turned out, it was the former. We killed Andrew Young who was struggling to enter before dealing out some well earned death to Sergeant Doctor, Bad Soldier and Keichix who were dozing within.

Club Cother had a single occupant who was quickly put to the fang. His name was Apopcal but that is of no importance now.

Other teams had swept to the south-east where they discovered the Hambro Building looking suspiciously occupied. Inside were Hatchet Job, Spitford Jones and reamer who all died within several minutes of frenzied claw and tooth work.

The same team noticed bastun123 standing outside Bugby Bank. Sure enough it was extremely heavily barricaded but this team didn't want to do any barricade work, so they settled for eating the outsider instead before moving on.

Shadownaki was discovered loitering at Luttrell Plaza and was quickly set upon.

The team then scouted further to the east discovering a LOT of zombies out in the open including several 20 Z teams at Bidgood Way Police Dept and other sites. As the doors were open at Bidgood we popped in for a quick look and found 10 humans within. We killed GueveraChe when all of a sudden, Sir Chubb entered the building, took in the scene, screamed "guys get out of here" then ran off himself. With a few AP left we took out the detector before returning to our digs.

The horde is now considering venturing further to the east to join up with our comrades in death.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Dear Street Fiasco (9)

Well, we decided upon another raid on Dear Street Police Station after a long hiatus. Based on previous assaults and our actions at the other two PDs we suspected that a LOT of humans were holed up here. As it turned out, our assumption was accurate; unfortunately this also meant that more humans were alert and not alarmed at our impending approach.

The heavily barricaded doors were eventually knocked down allowing us to enter the building. Inside we found an even 50 humans sleeping soundly. We managed to kill Ray Winstone, Kiiro and Big Nixon (who are all on our wanted list or members of TZH,) before Jack Syder intervened, killing one attacker and rebarricading the doors.

We repeatedly assault the heavy barricades until we broke in once again, killing Doc Daddy in the process. At this point Knudsen115 started to throw his weight around rebarricading up to very strong!

We broke through once again killing Taxman 101 before Edgar Pratt rebarricaded to heavy yet again!

With one final assault we blasted through for a fourth time to kill headlessagnew, RandomZombie082, Edgar Pratt and Xenomrph before fleeing into the late morning light. There was no sign of Jack Syder or Knudsen115 so we suspect they hid nearby to avoid the fireworks.

An example of persistence? Perhaps. A waste of AP? Definitely. Would we do it again? Too right!

Two pronged assault (15)

Turn out this evening was less than had been hoped for, but given that its a Saturday I guess this is understandable. Given the low numbers, we broke up into two teams to attack Langman Lane Fire Station and Tarasius General Hospital to see what kind of damage we could do.

The Fire Station was quite strongly barricaded but the doors were easily breached yielding seven slumbering humans. We quickly killed Specs, exposez, Terrat, Blockbuster, Gist, Cameos Red Codpiece and shu3 before retiring to our lair.

The second team encountered a bit more stubborn resistance in the form of some very strong barricades. When breached we found an even dozen occupants; too many for the small team to kill. The team settled on Gordi Bro, ZS Comunications, ZS Clown, ZS Scientist, Bumblers, MaxForbes, monsterface and GhastlyMad. The survivors were quickly infected before the Z's departed for a well earned snooze.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Lerwill Heights Sweep (20)

A major operation this evening and a new record for kills made during a day!

Given the bloodshed at Herbert Road PD yesterday, we decided to spread out and sweep several buildings in Lerwill Heights instead to give the humans time to reconsolidate and gather once again at our popular feeding ground.

St Willibrord's Hospital and its quite strong barricades were our first stop where we found 11 humans snoozing in the various wards. We managed to kill ZombieDisturbed, E220R, Hexustein, collum1, AAARRRRGH, ChrisTalbot, OwlishNecro and dehavilland before Turde started throwing his weight around. When he was targetted by our attackers he quickly left leaving us to finish off Rimaloi and CrackaJack.

The loosely barricaded Wedderburn Auto Repair yielded one rather dead Capitan hero who was the unfortunate sole defender.

Another team had checked out the Hambro Building (even though the doors were open) and found (and killed) Kustross, Steven Smith, Edgar Alva and L4rs Ulrich (who were slightly wounded from battles earlier in the wee small hours we gathered.)

Ridere was spotted at Clynton Alley and killed out of hand for being stupid enough to stand out in the open on his/her own.

The Peach Museum housed Doreau and PKGriefer7, both heavily wounded, but just as tasty as fully healed humans normally are.

The funniest episode was bumping into DippytheStick at Club Cother. We exchanged blows for a bit before he started to head to the south-west (we suspect he was low on AP at the time.) We managed to follow him, clawing at him from time to time, as he stumbled along. He eventually ran into an open Club Lynn where we quickly killed him (his gambit of shaking us off failed and he must have run out of AP.)

The final kill of the night was back at Club Cother where we found arlodarlo trying to hide under a Korg keyboard.

All in all, a most satisfactory night of slaughter.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Department of Death (16)

Anyone passing Herbert Road Police Department today would probably have been gagging from the stench of rotting human flesh and the copious amounts of blood and entrails tossed around both within and around this former bastion of law and order!

The cause? 26 eviscerated corpses scattered around the environs of the building together with another 16 piled within the compound; the latter caused by the horde in yet another pre-dawn raid.

The barricades were light this time and there were already five zombies within and a few wounded humans suggesting increased zombie activity at this site!

The horde encountered no opposition and brutally murdered Dark Immortal, Docterdoom, Donnor, CopymandiasKoK, Gintac, Frank Jackoff, daikonzombie, Ike Hill, Osomond, Arrigo Boito, Ingy, 100 zonbies, delerius, EnochRoot, echo dumbo4 and Mariachi before lumbering off to our respective lairs.

One wonders if a return trip tomorrow will be worth the effort?

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Return to Herbert Road PD (16)

Operations today were focused on Herbert Road Police Department. Readers may feel that repeatedly attacking the same target could become boring, but we are attempting to deny human access to some buildings; besides we like killing people and they seem to keep conglomerating in these areas despite our repeated efforts.

Very strong barricades at the Police Department today but we quickly broke in and slaughtered MouseSpinks Jr, Reeve42, dazzlerdal, Krary, daikonpoo, Mitch Mullen, Boss Randall, ff3, Kobilicious, Andrew Young and DarkSi.

At this point Lord Tin Tin arrived, threw out the dead, threw up a barricade and threw down one of our attackers! We waited several minutes before resuming the assault.

Once again, very strong barricades delayed our entry into the site, but our entry into this lair of humanity was a foregone conclusion based on our previous efforts. Lord Tin Tin, MadSam, Take my picture, Thog and Jan Ceulemans were all killed before we slunk away into the shadows of our lair.

Tomorrow we attack another human outpost in North Blythville.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

You have been Judged (12)

We awoke today to find that one Bullskull had visited one of our lairs and killed a pair of our brethren; vengeance was called for, but only after our major operation for the day had been completed.

Today we decided to return to Judge Road Police Dept.; it's been a while since we toured this area and we wanted the graffiti inside to correctly reflect that Z attacks are indeed frequent here!

After beating down the heavily barricaded portals, we found a near dozen individuals within, idling casually. We killed Knudsen115, Fleshy Corpsen, Heathcliff Huxtable, dasllama, Sarge Johnson, DrakoSting, Eddie Hunt and Ryanboy before they knew what had hit them. At this point DippyTheStick arrived and stood open jawed at the carnage we had wrought. An additional (non affiliated zombie) arrived on the scene a few seconds later. We started smacking the new arrival around but after a few hasty shotgun blasts at one of our attackers he fled in terror. We then finished off the other occupants: Slavoljub, dasboot571 and Scouterextrm.

With the remaining team members fired up, we then assaulted the extremely heavily barricaded ramparts of Puckard Cinema in an effort to hunt down BullSkull who was known to be within (snif.) We found his dozing form within and ruthlessly hacked him to bits. Mrs Rabbit was also nearly killed however we ran out of AP before we could finish the job. A single Z has been left behind in an effort to complete the kill in an hour or so. Peter Ramirez and Mekorig were left unscathed to mop up the blood and attempt to revivify (and re-assemble) Bullskull.

Footnote: The Z left behind forget to finish off Mrs Rabbit and was in turn killed by this myxomatosis infested human for daring to idle in her presence. Oh well ...

Monday, November 07, 2005

Sweep and Relocate (14)

Increased human activity in our sector has convinced us to relocate lairs. On the way we also swept a popular sector of all human activity.

The Tryon Building had some very heavy barricades that suggested human habitation. Unfortunately, we only found (and killed) Indeets, elango and Habibi within.

The Hayler Building with its heavily fortified doors and windows also only concealed three victims: we suspect julich, Jerry Coe and Soloman Kane regretted spending the night here.

Collis Bank had a single occupant (ttttt); hardly worth the effort required to knock down the very strong barricades built there.

The Hambro building was a bit more rewarding. Very strong barricades concealed blusia, Donald8, Nick Jensen, Mr Electric, Mrs Electric (do you think these two are related?) and Mooseknuckle. Their corpses now lie scattered amongst the sand garden therein.

To round out the evenings activity, a pair of zombies located Seth Davis loitering outside the Pilgrim Hotel; he is no more.

Major operations against human concentrations continues tomorrow.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Weekend Warriors (16)

The Horde ventured into Tarasius General Hospital. The building was very strongly barricaded but unfortunately it was also very very empty!

Next stop was Herbert Street P.D. to see how many revivications manged to go back there.

Outside guarding the barricades was Irving Plasterkatz - but he died before he awoke!

Inside were 28 humans of which the Horde claimed the lives of popeguilty, iggi, Reeve42, Doc Daddy, Skalyni, Bor O'dah, Ken Leons, Zanobi, John Fubar, Tits McGeee, Jimbuss, I Zombie Spy, Labmonster and Humbuss.

On the way home the last Z stopped to finish of a lonely Katalysta at the Linley Monument before settling into a day of standing in the darkened lair!

Langman Lane Fire Station (19)

Changed targets this evening as we suspected that the guys from Herbert Road may have relocated to the nearby fire station. We were wrong ... but there were 28 other humans snoring fitfully in the shadows of this site!

The very strong barricades were a minor impediment to our offensive which managed to net us 19 kills, equalling our previous daily record from earlier in the week; Viridious and Jarlaxle (TZH members), inpartpa, Ali MacMahon, Rad Nar, dazzlerdal, Azimuthal, muddy pants, JackTrist, Symon Tamm, Powdered Toast Man, FaustXIII, Gadker, eve6, deya, fiona migliari, Fee ona, the detector and Don Miller all bit the bullet (so to speak.) Don even managed to wake up and punch one of the attacking zombies but didn't survive to brag about the experience.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Hit and Run (17)

Once more into Herbert Street PD, dear friends, once more ...

Once again, the very heavily barricaded portals to this lair of humanity were of limited protection to those whose brains we craved.

Inside we slaughtered Vokrus, Michael Booth, Gist, Albert Switezer, Glamour, Ray Redfield, FireStarterUK, Tits McGeee, Erin Bonney, TheRack, WhiteMonkey, Jimbuss, J Robert, Doc Daddy, Zane Camp, Hilllary Duff and Frank Deathman before fleeing into the early morning light.

Where will the horde strike next?

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Barricade Bashings (14)

The Hordes scouts did some superb anti-barricade work and not only unblocked our lair but ripped through the extremely heavy barricades of Herbert Street Police Department.

The report back from them was 20 sleeping humans with a couple of high value targets. A short time later the Horde wreaked some vengeance upon r'swipe (wanted) and Kobilicious (who felled some of members yesterday after they got lost).

In a gleeful gathering the rest of the Horde massacred Alrukard, Miles Degenhart, Jimbuss, Dante James, HazyAssaulter1, Caiden, Pigeon, Shred Okres, Pugh, Jeric Noblood, Doc Daddy and JackSprat to take us to over 500 kills since the hordes inception!

The last zombie kindly infected the 6 remaining humans before stumbling home. I don't think this will be the last raid on these hapless humans!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Plenty of Misses (15)

Tonight the Horde moved it's lair and on it's way burst through the strongly barricaded Clayton Cinema to smash Lurchy Moonscar and Evil Eddie C.

The Horde then launched an assualt on Herbert St Police Department in order to ensure that it is a place feared by humans. Extremely heavily barricaded doors indicated scared humans and indeed 23 petrified individuals were scattered within. With no resistance met by our zombie attackers, Erin Bonney, MouseSpinks Jr, r'swipe, Barry Burton, headlessagnew, Punt Speedchunk, Invader Zim, WindyMiller, Miles Degenhart, Lyrrad, Hilllary Duff, Jimbuss and Bloodmonkey soon paid the price for holing up in one of our haunts!

Tonights work was unfortunately marred by the inaccuracy of our attackers; further training may be necessary if we are to continue with our record breaking spree.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Records topple (19)

We managed to beat yesterday's top daily kill score by one more hapless human during todays operations!

Before operations could commence, SamPeckinpah was detected in one of our lairs; he was immediately set upon and eaten.

After our impromptu entree, we determined that a return to Judge Road was mandated based on yesterday's high population. Unfortunately, word spreads fast in North Blythville and there were only 11 individuals present to great us as we burst through the doors just before dawn. In the end, Will Mountain, sod off, ash's butt, Aloysius Maxwell, Laffen, Mark Niles, Harriet Michaels, smoke'n'sweat, jrhewhcs, Kaverac and Asakura Ex were all throughly bitten.

With plenty of AP remaining we had a look around the general area and noticed 16 zombies loitering outside Worthington Library. With the doors only secured, we popped in to scope out the joint. It appeared that a major attack had breached the doors but had failed to kill all the occupants as a handful of injured survivors remained inside. We quickly obliged Bobszombie, daikoncyborg, kyransr and Tron Navigon with a quick death. Offering our thanks to the idling zombies outside, we wandered off in search of more game.

Our last raid was against Wedderburn Auto Repair where we found four humans hiding in the boot of a 1976 Oldsmobile on one of the hoists. We managed to kill Living Aaron, Murrrrphy and Minkovski but didn't have enough AP to kill Commisar. Perhaps we will get him tomorrow.

The war against the humans continues.