Zombie Horde - An Urban Dead Experience

Monday, October 31, 2005

Return to Judge Road (18)

There's nothing better than christening a new lair by visiting our favourite fast food joint. In the Hordes case this is Judge Road Police Department.

Our Scouts discovered a very strongly barricaded building and quickly got through to find 38 humans awaiting our hunger.

The warning on the wall is being ignored and after felling Dana O'Connor and janullrich, the feast was interupted by jerko who decided to re-barricade the building and then have a quick fight. Some big hitting eventually silenced the miscreant and sent him off into hiding; another one to join our wanted list!

The next wave re-destroyed the barricades and made quick work of ThulsaDooM, jaymzHetfield, Letmelive, Holden Magroine, Cuthbert Allgood, Mariachi, Deuse and ecthenion. The next 2 waves munched their way through Lawrence Jennings, Kente, Ezra Pnd, trade, Shakarol, Extra132, EZ White and Aulii.

The Horde string pullers have informed us that a plan is being worked out to quell the numbers in our patch; there is certainly plenty of human fodder wherever we venture!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Discovered (10)

Turns out that we stayed in a safehouse one day too many. Discovered today that six of our lads had been gunned down earlier. As such, a relocation is in order.

As we had less AP today due to an earlier "kick off" time, operations were limited to the Hambro Building, St Barnabas's Church and the Metcalfe Museum.

At the Hambro Building we quickly breached the defences to kill DimeTheory, Durandel and sethedestroyer.

St Barnabas's Church had a few more humans present, but still nowhere near to the numbers we normally find in police stations. MouseSpinks Jr (wanted!), Swarthlak, shinobiwins and Johan Sig were all treated to some handy fang and claw work.

The Metcalfe Museum held another three humans. Unfortunately we could only kill Muffin Kowalski and warstag before retreating back to our lair.

And this just in; Rudy Basso was killed outside Club Burney by one of our team who lost his way.

Tomorrow we recommence major operations against human outposts in North Blythville.

My god, its STILL full of humans (14)

We decided to revisit Dear Street two nights running; heck its worked before with other Police Stations and there was no reason to think it wouldn't work yet again!

And it worked perfectly.

Barricades were only at a very strong level, presumably to let civilians in who hadn't acquired the Free Running skill yet. As such, the doors were knocked down pretty quickly.

Inside were only 77 humans this time; I guess a few guys didn't want to get up again after last nights excursion. The only interference we got was from an unknown resident who kept shutting the door every time we entered but didn't bother to check if anyone inside was under attack. He eventually twigged, shouting a warning and throwing up a token barricade before fleeing in terror.

We selectively killed the members of TZH that were present: Papa Nixon, Big Nixon and Kiiro. We also noticed one of our wanted humans here and thus, summarily executed Ray Winstone on the spot. Sgt Derpa and Cendalire were then killed for stuffing us around the previous evening. We then rounded out the kill list with Dr Leppy the 2nd, Sidewayz, Weapon X, Mulcaster, FingFangFoom, freakdelafreak, jedimasterquincy and Jack Hall. The trailing zombie infected a handful of humans before lumbering off into the morning light.

As a side note, one of our lairs has been detected by humans that appear to have come from Herbert Road Police Station. I think it may be time to return here to cull the human herds once again.

We also have added Alan Jacksonville to our wanted list for excessive use of a DNA scanner on our boys; those things hurt!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

My god, its full of humans (14)

One of the positive aspects of the horde is the democratic nature of the senior leadership cadre. For example, yesterday Capt Patches said, "We havn't checked out Dear Street Police Department in a long while. How about it?"

Well despite the absense of our illustrious Captain (due, we believe, to an extensive drinking excursion), the rest of the horde decided to attack anyway in as coordinated an assault as we could manage.

We arrived a bit later than usual however the barricades were only at a very strong level and were easily breached. Once inside we were shocked to discover 82! humans napping within. For a moment or two, the lead elements were confused; where to start eating ... a dilemma rarely experienced by zombies. Fortunately we quickly gathered our wits about us and started to eat. Most of the wounded were targetted first with RedeadKing, Grizzly Taint, Ryan Jones and Jack Blast being quickly dispatched. We also noticed Masked Avenger was present; as he's a regular meal for our membership, we quickly put him down as well.

Another look at the target list revealed that we had also discovered what appeared to be the HQ for Team Hardcore Zombie, a group that we had discovered on the Urban Dead wiki that infests this suburb! Feeling the need to whittle them down to size, we immediately started slaughtering their membership: Scooty Puff Sr, RFKzombiekiller, Cyrus Mcbaine and Big Nixon were quickly killed off.

At this point, Cendalire discovered our intrustion and commenced re-barricading the doors and windows to a very strong level before fleeing the building. Follow up elements had a tough time penetrating the defences once more, but managed to do so and continued the slaughter of the remaining THZ members Papa Nixon and Kiiro.

Once again we were discovered by a waking human; this time Sgt Derpa attacked us and re-barricaded again killing one of our attackers. RandomZombie082 also started yelling warnings and began firing indiscriminately at us with a handy pistol.

The final assaulters managed to break in once more putting Sgt Derpa to the sword. Vengeance was also meted out to RandomZombie082 and Mr Empty; the latter of which had just arrived at the building. The last attacker gurgled out a cry of Graagh before lumbering off to his safe-house.

Given the number of people living there, we're not too sure that we want to return in a hurry; we suspect that surprise provided a great deal of assistance with our assault. We may not be so lucky next time!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Search and Destroy (16)

One by one our search and destroy teams set out. Herbert Street was first and the Horde cleared it out on only it's second assault!

Within a strongly barricaded Police Dept waited Meal on Wheels, tapilatv, Ben Elliot, Fandorin, n e body killer, captain00, Dempsey, UrDraxxa and Mister McGee. Each in turn was shoved to the floor and was read the rights of the undead!

With hardly a sweat raised the horde scattered to see were other humans could be found.

Bugby Bank (heavily barricaded) only contained one human to the disgust of the bruised zombie. Nevertheless Hiro Fujiami was turned into a quick entree.

Puckard Cinema (secured) revealed Live Snack and Dircen who provided a very light main course for the visiting team members.

In Masey Drive soldat 25 was a mere butter roll.

In Kelland Hotel (secured) Lotte provided a nice garnish whilst inside St Barnabas's Church (with its quite strong barricades) nine humans promised a fine desert; in the end only curtis blow and Shabba Ranks could be consumed due to excessive bloating within the bellies of the diners.

The Horde is spreading its reputation of blood lust throughout the northern sector of North Blythville.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Old Haunts (15)

The message from HQ was loud and clear ...

"Forget the worthless plebs in Judge Road - make a strike at Herbert Road Police Dept and put the fear of revivification into them."

And so it was inside an extremely heavily barricaded Herbert Road Police Dept., a full compliment of the Horde found 22 humans slumbering restlessly.

As the first zombie started to rend flesh MouseSpinks Jr attempted to DNA scan some of us, then re-barricaded and ran out into the street as the heads of the second wave of Z's butted their way through the weak barricades.

Soon after HazyAssaulter1, r'swipe (who is on our wanted list), Lyrrad, Blake Jones, Jericho Grey, pvt joker, Mentos Killer, dribbly fekwit and josiah32 were all decorating the halls of the blood soaked building.

Our rampage was interupted by tex murphy, who managed to killed 1 zombie before he too ran off to fight another day. His valour did little to slow the slaughter and has managed to earn him "wanted" status on our board.

Next to die were TedShark, Hook Hand, Erin Bonney, PunisherMax, John Fields and Gremore Estat. After a quick snack of hot dogs at an undead vendor we returned to our respective lairs.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Judge Road revisited yet again (12)

We just can't get enough of Judge Road ... and it appears that the North Blythville locals just can't get enough of us, given the number of times they keep piling in the crowds when the horde is touring in the area.

On the menu in the police building were Dean Hampton, KissMe, Private Jackson and Kita Paine.

We also made curtain calls at the Gaze Building hoping to eat the guys from Team Zombie Hardcore as well as an impromptu performance at the Fear Building.

Unfortunately TZH were out, so we ate Delrey, nikman2, Doctor Rescue and xnochancex4 instead. At the Fear Building DoggyNightmare, Thrillominous, Nick Slater and chezet added some extra fibre to the hordes diet.

We have relocated once again (as all good zombies do) and plan to attack other areas of North Blythville in the coming days.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Warnings (10)

You are inside Judge Road Police Department. The building's doors have been left wide open. Also here are GrrBrr (17HP), IceBloken (60HP), DarkSi (50HP), freakdelafreak (50HP), Elenia Keynes (60HP), Stuelue (50HP).

Somebody has spraypainted warning: Z attacks are frequent here onto a wall.

How true! And what folly of GrrBrr, IceBloken, DarkSi, freakdelafreak, Elenia Keynes and Stuelue to trust in barricades! We'll learn em!

After a quick ravage we knocked on the door of the Boddy Motel and to our surprise there was no answer. In fact it took nearly three z's worth of APs to bust through the stongly barricaded doors to discover Alandra, Chelah, Sessin and Frezetti. There will be a few sore heads inside that motel tomorrow morning!

The word from HQ is that there are some big plans for this suburb. They are happy with the stranglehold we have taken over the popular Judge Road Police Department.

We have been tested.

We are proven.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

North Blythville Sweep (17)

Managed to get pretty well everyone organised for this evenings zombie event!

We decided to perform a sweep of North Blythville. A scout was sent out initally to check barricades and prospective targets. We decided upon the Fear Building and Judge Road Police Department initially. Any remaining zombies and APs were then dished out to targets of opportunity, which turned out to be the factory just south of Lawrence Avenue, Bugby Bank and the Puckard Cinema.

The Fear Building was only lightly barricaded. Vincent Grant and Jixi were killed outside while Throwaway Medic and zobug were bitten about the neck inside once the barricades were down.

Judge Road showed a lot more promise. Heavy barricades suggested at least some human presence and as it turned out we found six tasty souls within. Ariara, Kelson Black, barium, Weapon X, Pvt Bright and MegamanX4 were all devoured in short order.

The three remaining targets of opportunity were a mixed bag.

The factory held communistmuffin and Joshuah, who discovered that hiding inside a metal press was not the smartest thing to do with technologically aware zombies around.

Bugby Bank was open with Foogulu hiding in the vault.

Finally the quite strongly barricaded Puckard Cinema turned out to be quite popular with the locals; inside we just managed to slaughter Celia Rioles, soldiermatt, Weasel Turbine and 18470059 before we had to retreat to our safe houses.

All in all, a very satisfying Sunday evening.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Wandering (4)

Only three participants this evening so we are once again limited in our options. By consensus we decided to pick a handful of buildings near to Judge Road in the hope that the normal denizens of the Police Department had relocated nearby.

Outside Club Lynn we found two humans vainly trying to break into the heavily fortified building; both Bonzoman and KayKay666 proved to be rather tasty morsels. When we finally broke in however, we found nothing but dust.

The Gaze Building nearby was only strongly barricaded however we were disappointed to only find animefreak inside.

Our final intrepid pair went a bit further south as the light of dawn approached on the horizon. We forced our way into the Fear Building to discover five occupants therein. Unfortunately we only had enough AP to terminate DJ Amish before we had to return to our lairs.

We have requested other horde members to attack this site tomorrow to finish the job.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Judge Road revisited (2)

Its a Friday evening so we hardly expected to form a reasonable assault force today. Nevertheless, after returning from some evening relaxation, I ventured forth with one other rapscallion to see what kind of damage we could do at Judge Road.

Despite the heavy barricades at the Police Dept. we still managed to break in and eat J Money and Langwo (the latter was mightily wounded from previous activities with some other miscreants.)

Not much of note really, but as there were only 3 individuals here, it seems apparent that Judge Road is being considered a "no-go" area for humans now.

Intruder (1)

During a spot check today, we noticed a human called Pokki loitering within one of our lairs. He is no more.

'nuff said.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Judge Road Offensive - Day 9 (11)

The horde almost skipped to Judge Road today in eager anticipation to see if any foolish humans had moved back after last nights victory.

Sure enough there were eight sleeping humans - probbaly thinking that extremely heavily barricaded doors were enough to keep the z's out. Not this mob and shortly after Chelah, Ethanasia, Jonny V, Reese Corley, DummDumm, Sci Guy, the chopper and dasllama were left sleeping ... but not breathing.

Moving outside our remaining members pounced on Mr Mongy who was outside the Boddy Motel. Suspecting that there could be humans within, we smashed through the strongly barricaded entrance to find another six snoring humans.

Foxy Brown 3 (who was struck down in an earlier raid) and Lucky Charlie are also now sleeping amongst the undead and our last Horde member was so excited about the nights raid that he forgot to leave the Boddy Motel, so intent on getting that extra kill. He currently has Alandra down to 2hp.

Will he succeed in bringing tonights total to 12 or just become zombie hunter fodder?

[30 mins later]

You are inside the Boddy Motel. The building's doors have been left wide open. Also here are Alandra (2HP), momo1126 (60HP), J Money (60HP).

"You took a Headshot from HooPow the Zombie Hunter! You were knocked to zero XP."

Perhaps another member of the Horde can come down to claim this prize?

Bored (2)

I had a few spare moments this evening so I decided to send my pet out to see if he could sniff out some humans. After cruising around a few blocks I found Takamine loitering in Luttrell Plaza (presumably with a death wish.) He made a nice snack before I returned to the local safe-house to digest my meal.

Also received an e-mail report from another team member who advised that Oeacn was killed at Bugby Bank resulting in us chalking up an extra pair of kills for the day.

Tomorrow we rejoin the horde in their next major operation.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Judge Road Offensive - Day 8 (13)

The battle has been won!

After days of sorties into Judge Road Police Department the Horde swept away all resistance and left the building blood soaked and lifeless.

The first wave of the Horde struggled through the heavily barricaded defenses and once through Angry Mr Taylor, Chainsaw Kitten, fireman26, joe cabot, Kawaii Kitty, rhubarb and Doug Rivera fell without stirring.

As the AP's ran low and with communications down to the rest of the Horde the remaining half of the humans were quickly infected before departure.

As the first wave departed to their lair, thoughts were on a hopeful victory the following night, however as the mob munched on a few peanuts and downed some middies the message came through that other horde members had managed to co-ordinate a second wave attack on Judge Road Police Department.

The news left crooked smiles from scar to scar as we were informed that the humans we left (Ghost Dog, animefreak, contactlens, General Practitioner, Bezaleel, and Beorge) where gobbled down by a fully redeemed murkysmirk and his team members!

The building is clear! Let the message be spread that Police Departments are not safe from the Horde. This battle is won, but the war continues!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Judge Road Offensive - Day 7 (6)

Capt Patches reported that his team continued the offensive on Judge Road (unlike the smirky one who needs a darn good thrashing!)

The site was very strongly barricaded but apparently they were stronger than anticipated as a few members reported that the barricades were going down incredibly slowly; probably a string of bad "clicks."

Inside were quite a few napping humans; Ariara, Foxy Brown 3, Zloi Boo, Zeirek, Stevehenry and Xiode were all slaughtered while most of the remaining occupants were carefully infected with the plague.

Hopefully next time, more team elements will coordinate their actions rather than running off on their own.

Lost focus (4)

As most of my usual team were unavailable, I decided to break from the current offensive focus and visit the nearby Kelland Motel. Inside we found a handful of lads who must have thought that leaving doors open means that no-one is home.

We took out lefter, Cindy Bradbury, Gist and Twelfth Monkey before leaving the remaining dudes to lick their wounds.

We will hopefully regroup with more team members tomorrow.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Judge Road Offensive - Day 6 (8)

All a dead zombie can do is stand up. Thanks to lucky day three of the mob found themselves doing just that. And sometimes a zombie forgets that he can read. And sometimes a zombie forgets to check in with the Horde. But a zombie never forgets where a good feed is.

As dusk settled scouts set off to see how Judge Road was faring on this 6th day of the offensive.

Extremely heavily barricaded portals indicated plenty of feasting inside and so with a determined grunt all that became left of the barricades were splinters wedged in blood-encrusted fingers.

Inside were 17 snoring snack packs and as the rest of the mob gathered inside it was apparent that tonight there was to be no resistance. vidstudent, GarbolColm, Corbec, 2Cuffs, Hook Hand, Steely Zam, Spangler and Jonh Doe joined the brotherhood of the breathless and the mob operated with a smoothness that comes from days of planning and well drilled action.

The last remaining zombie looked around at the 8 dead bodies and the 9 humans still sleeping and a cheeky grin appeared. He quickly gave all but 2 a gentle reminder (by re-arranging their faces) that they had been visted by the Horde before heading home.

The mob now awaits a thoughtless day preparing for the next assault.

Relocation (6)

With lucky day making another spot appearance to kill one of our lads, we decided to relocate some elements to another safe house and use any remaining AP to sweep a suitable sector.

In the end, we chose the Tryon Building, Clayton Cinema and the Hambro Building sector for our post relocation sweep.

In the Tryon Building we found a suitably named Brainfoodz loitering with intent; we hastily obliged his request for de-braining.

Clayton Cinema had one Sherwin Williams who we suspect was lost and decided to pass his last few hours watching some old classics. He was summarily devoured as punishment for watching Spy Kids 3D without the requisite glasses.

The big strike of the day was at the Hambro Building where the very strongly barricaded doors and windows suggested that something tasty was lurking inside. After bashing our way in we found Gunther Vengabean, Foltz, My Boomstick and Tom Waits snoozing in one of the offices.

One rogue team of zombies also investigated the Kelland Motel and found three survivors cowering inside. Unfortunately they only had enough AP to severely injure one of the occupants. Perhaps follow-up elements will investigate here later today.

With no word from several other commanders, we are assuming that other horde activity has been curtailed for the day. We eagerly await news from them in the hope that they have been wreaking havoc with the humans of Malton in their own particular way.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Judge Road Offensive - Day 5 (13)

An extremely heavily barricaded Judge Road Police Department awaited the united strength of the Horde. It took some impressive smashing by the scouts to open the doors for the initial wave of attackers.

Amongst the 27 sleeping humans Ariara, our most wanted Maltonian and Numinak were the first to be easily accounted for. The next wave encountered Ray Winstone who started defending his sleeping charges. A few counter attacks from our raiding zombies and Ray flew into the night, wisely seeking a safer refuge.

Without futher delay notzombiereviveifded, justanotherguy, Max Fielding, DBraddock, GhengistheFlorist and Ash Copeland all felt the taste of the afterlife. Unfortunately the feasting was interrupted by Robyn Zombie who not only decided to defend the Police Department but also began working on improving the barricades.

A determined effort by the second last wave smashed back inside to see no sign of their nemesis and combined with the last wave of zombies ensured that EZ White, EMarie, Garbol and Scrod also joined their brethern on the dusty floor.

The offensive continues and the momentum is with the Horde - the humans at Judge Road Police Department will either move on - or continue to provide the Horde with it's nightly feasts....

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Interregnum (14)

Given the late turn out by half of the horde yesterday, it became evident that too many of our brethren had half or less of their APs available when the hour of our usual activites arrived. We therefore determined to locate new lairs and use any excess AP to clear out a suitable sector of the map.

After locating our new digs, we decided to clear out as much of Club Cother, St Willibrord's Hospital, the Tryon Building and Wedderburn Auto Repair as our AP would allow.

As it turned out, we managed to clear out all four sites.

At Wedderburn Auto Repair, Jasper Neverdie, Cyrus the Virus, name hog, Blizzard8125 and Izumi Kurono were all repeatedly struck about the head with tyre irons before being "de-brained" by some of the hungrier participants.

The Tryon Building was open and contained Edhman and Blackfly1976 who were rapidly eaten by the investigating zombies.

St Willibrord's Hospital had secure doors but no barricades. Joshuatree, Officer Martin and Alexofthebung were all encouraged to dispense with their pointless lives.

Finally, we decided to expend our remaining resources on Club Cother. With heavy barricades there was some worry that we might not have enough strength to bash our way in, but some sterling shoulder-work by one of our brethren allowed us to lumber in and terminate FiremanMan, Marty McHigh, Xone and Feyt.

By now most elements had withdrawn to our daytime hiding places with the remnants rapidly making there way to these safehouses before any zombie hunters started to patrol the area.

Tomorrow, we resume our offensive on Judge Road PD once again.

Judge Road Offensive - Day 4 Addendum (6)

Turns out that other elements of the horde made an additional foray into Judge Road Police Dept. sometime after the first wave went in.

A prepatory assault on Club Lynn went through the strongly barricaded doors and took out vidstudent, cure1 and KMaru who were all napping in the womens toilets.

A quick follow up assault was then launched on the Police Department. Due to the delay between assaults, the occupants were able to heavily barricade the doors once again, however some elements did break in to kill Sam Stimpy (who rockets to number 1 on the hordes victim list), Umber and Billiums before a hasty withdrawl was ordered.

Given this latest update, original plans to relocate may be cancelled in favour of yet another assault on the Police Department ramparts this evening.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Judge Road Offensive - Day 4 (4)

Looks like they have finally woken up at Judge Road ...

Today's assault did not go that well. The barricades took a lot more effort to take out. We also encountered human activity outside in the general area; possibly due to a slightly earlier "kick-off" time than normal.

As such, we only killed Tarsnal (who had managed to locate our lair earlier in the day), trolltheog, Adam Bowden and Ashman.

Based on increased activity at one of our lairs since the assault (three of our boys failed to report in) we believe our location has been compromised and are temporarily shifting to new bases before resuming operations against Judge Road.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Judge Road Offensive - Day 3 (10)

In what was one of our most successful forays, elements of the horde managed to kill another ten humans at Judge Road Police Dept. Our repeated assaults do not appear to have deterred visitors to this building as 26! humans were slumbering within, blissfully unaware of the hordes ponderous approach.

Added to the hordes victim list were: Sam Stimpy, Mitchell Hundred, Creaper, WarDead, Shal, yofredooscartina, JennyPsycho, Logan Running, Slazarus696 and Mexicana. In addition a handful of other survivors were infected before the hordes scheduled departure at dawn.

People interested in visiting Judge Road are advised that while we always target weakened humans (as we appreciate easy kills,) we also target individuals that have taken the Body Building skill; we see no reason to give them an easy run just because they have 10 extra hit points.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more blood splattering action ...

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Judge Road Offensive - Day 2 (6)

The offensive continues ...

Once again the barricades were considerable (very heavy) but persistent hammering by the front rank of zombies knocked them down in short order.

Inside there was no-one awake so we selectively targetted six victims for termination (trolltheog, Ariara, kongxinga, Lucy Axe, Max Fielding and DBMephisto) and infected another half dozen before disappearing into the early dawn light.

Stay tuned for more horde antics at Judge Road Police Dept.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Judge Road Offensive - Day 1 (7)

Today the horde has taken operations to a new level. For the remainder of this week, we intend to assault Judge Road Police Dept. every day in a continuous rolling offensive. While we realise that telegraphing our actions does remove the element of surprise, we just felt that it was about time the gauntlet was thrown down as a warning to all humans that the horde cannot and will not be stopped!

The initial assault was successful, knocking down the extremely heavy barricades and charging through the doors. We killed Thud in an instant, but then our nemesis, Maltonian, once again re-barricaded the doors. It took us a few minutes of cat and mouse, forcing him to use his remaining AP before we once again breached the doors.

Maltonian was next on the menu followed by Mitchell Hundred, eshinol and Doug Rivera. Due to limited resources (some of our brethren lost their network connection) we had to settle for infecting ten of the remaining survivors before fleeing back to our lair. We have also added Maltonian to our Wanted list; his presence around Judge Road has become a major liability to our operations and his presence will no longer be tolerated.

Supporting operations also killed Deadmann outside the Ogborn Building and Calloway was taken out inside the Pilgrim Hotel.

Tomorrow, we return once more to feast at Judge Road.

Monday, October 10, 2005

r'swipe terminated (5)

Members of the horde rejoiced today upon the detection and termination of one of our paramount foes, r'swipe!

At some stage last night, r'swipe located one of our safe-houses and set about trying to kill the two occupant zombies. We can only assume that a lack of AP prevented him from finishing the job as he fled a few minutes later to a nearby factory.

At dawn, elements of the horde broke through the very strong barricades and held r'swipe down while our illustrious leader rejuvenated his health by munching down most of our unfortunate captives brains.

Other operations today were rather limited with a good portion of the horde still in a holding pattern while their controlling entities are interstate.

As such, we limited all other activites to breaking into the Gaze Building (very heavily barricaded) and Brittan Row School. While the former only had Sam Stimpy vainly trying to break in and was otherwise empty, the school had a half dozen occupants of which we slaughtered Doghouse Reilly, DJ Blanc du Blancs, and Walking Carpet.

All in all, a below average performance by the horde. Perhaps things will pick up later in the week when the horde resumes operations at full strength?

Sunday, October 09, 2005

South West Lerwill Heights (5)

Due to plans to relocate some elements of the horde to new hunting grounds, we did not have as many AP to play with as we would have liked. Nevertheless, we deemed that scouting around the Club Lynn sector of Lerwill Heights would be a worthwhile expenditure of resources.

Our efforts were focused on the Mees Building, Club Lynn and a nearby warehouse. Inside these three sites we located and killed five sluggish humans: Gondor, SilverSpectre, Lumber Jack, MurkyDead and Obelisk.

We also did some scouting and found that a large percentage of the buildings in this area are well barricaded suggesting that it is frequented by passing humans.

Looks like we might be returning this way in the near future ...

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Saturday Night Fever (7)

With the weekend here once again, some members of the horde felt the need to "shake their booty" on the dance floor in the pre-dawn hours. So a small excursion to Club Cother was organized.

Apparently gate-crashers weren't appreciated as the very strong barricades attested to. Nevertheless, our queue-jumpers were persistent and eventually forced their way onto the dance floor.

Most of the regulars had left, but we still managed to bust a few moves ... er, heads by terminating Byzantium Creed, Peter Lawford, L0ki, Leoh and Johnathan Edmunds before they could flee.

After an hour or so of casual break-dancing, we decided to return to the lair passing by St Willibrord's Hospital to get one of our guys fixed up in Casualty after a nasty street brawl. Maxine Chase and DrJimbo2, who were manning the front counter, were hastily gutted by the other horde members while treatment was sought; strangely no-one seemed keen to patch any of us up.

Rather disgruntled with this treatment, we wandered off, munching the remains of our human kebabs ...

Friday, October 07, 2005

Search and Destroy (8)

With some of our forces relocating to new hunting grounds, a sub-unit of the horde performed a sweep of south Lerwill Heights looking for easy prey.

They found it lurking in the very strongly barricaded walls of Wedderburn Auto Repair as well as behind a pathetically looked door at St Willibrord's Hospital. At the former location, Foxy Brown 3, Lucky Day and Newaz bit the bullet, while the hospital morgue now contains the slightly bitten bodies of Jack Public, DireWeasel, Tsuna, Ooshki and mobius03.

Intelligence was also provided to follow up forces that there were two more humans hiding within the hospital grounds while Club Cother has barricades that suggest that more targets might be loitering therein.

Look forward to further updates from other horde members.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Herbert Road again (8)

There is a pile of 15 bodies outside Herbert Road ... which gives you an idea of how many guys they keep chucking out the windows after we've come calling every morning or three.

Today is no exception as the first wave of the horde ran amok within the walls of this blood soaked building (the heavy barricades proved only minimal resistance.)

In all eight illustrious humans were added to the zombie gene pool: corpse hunter, Pvt Dead, Sylvester Stallone, San Miller, Minh Tran, Madoka Ayukawa, Amputatoe and Rilkoswarm. Three more dozing humans were left behind for (hopefully) the second wave to mop up.

In addition, scouts reported single individuals loitering outside Langman Lane Fire Station and a rather loopy character sitting in the middle of Masey Drive.

Will they survive the pre-dawn hours? Time will tell ...

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Consolidation (9)

The remnants of the first wave assisted the wave two scouts as they broke through the baricades of Clayton Cinema. Inside dickless became lifeless, whilst Wishy and Eckerson decided that the movie credits were no longer interesting enough to stay alive for.

The next round of Z's considered smashing into the Metcalfe Museum but as they contemplated the impressive barricades Victor Arden was spotted outside Tarasius General Hospital - well we love easy pickings so we thought we would investigate further.

"Oh allo!," the doors are open.

"Oh allo!," there are three more humans inside the building.

You think they would heed the warnings from our other raids, but as they had failed to do so, a lesson was taught to Leitmotif, von Glasensfeld, and goodboy.

The third sortie of Z's decided to pop into the Kelland Hotel, where fun has been had before - with only secured doors to contend with there was plenty of AP to share amongst the inhabitants, koftek and xnemisisx.

Shortly after our last Z stumbles out, he notices some activity at our favourite haunt, Herbert St Police Department. As he starts smashing into Dr Drew, Badger Tansden bolts out of the the station to his mates aid.

Well perhaps they aren't on such good terms, a quick bite and a bonus infection later Badger Tansden shall now be known as Bolter Tansden as he hightails it out of there.

As AP run very low Dr Drew was also infected as a parting gift and our lone hero joins his fellow Z's at the new lair.

Doddimeade Motel (6)

At least two of the horde reported in today that Flip McGraw had (once again) jabbed them with his DNA extractor. As such, today's operation will be to visit vengeance upon him (once again.)

We tracked him down to the Doddimeade Motel, but by the time we broke in, he had left the scene. Instead we savoured the meaty delights of Cleetus Jackdaw, Sylocheed, Snarfenja de Gottago, Dual Theta, Sivrel, and wonder boy.

The remaining operatives are currently scouring the area for this elusive foe as well as gathering intelligence for the hordes second wave (which due to time zone differences will be commencing their run shortly.)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Donuts taste better (13)

... when held in the hands of dead coppers.

That was the theme of tonights united raid - Herbert Road Police Department was ravaged by the full might of the Horde.

The barricades were tough to get through - tougher than anticipated, however once inside it was easy pickings with: Sonja (50HP), Hortulanus (50HP), Megaccino (50HP), Haddock (60HP), wegster (60HP), CygnusDK (36HP), Belinda Leigh (50HP), jimmyd (50HP), Frank Rizzo Jr (50HP), PunisherMax (50HP), Urddas (60HP), Xionisis (50HP) and Jag Dexter (50HP) all paying the price for eating too many jam filled delights!

As a parting present for the remaining occupants infections were happily given to: Minh Tran, Madoka Ayukawa, brianeyci, nibbler9, J J Orr, Cirox, Amputatoe and Denj. It will be a happy morning in Herbert St when those campers awake!!

If only we could be a fly on the wall at that moment; like one of the little buggers that keep swarming around us day in and day out.

Where next??? Wherever the humans lie.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Domination! (15)

Today the Horde launched a 2 prong attack with the northern mob clearing the area around Southern Lerwill Heights and the North Blythville sector near Langman Lane Fire Station.

It was discovered that Tarasius General Hospital had already been raided but Markos2 and katal, who were hiding in the hospital chapel, had their prayers answered with the gift of eternal life, undead style.

Outside Langman Lane Fire Station, PauloAl was trying to figure out the meaning of life and so it was taken away him. The zombies then broke through the "quite strong" barricades and killed Sirius, hugeaxeman, Jack Dore and Smrr Heee.

Tansit was granted a hasty ride to the afterlife outside Beer Towers and scouts slaughtered zenmamma at Club Lynn and mikesum32b at Club Cother (where a cowering human was left to create a new drinking problem!)

The good ole southern boys decided to consolidate the area around their lair after receiving word that Tarasius General Hospital had been cleared. After some resistance from the "very strongly" barricaded Kelland Motel, lonesome Fat Earl was given some portion control assistance with a prompt removal of his stomach!

A trio of mob members forced their way through the "very strongly" barricaded Bugby Bank doors and robbed lifepoints from bdk2006, janullrich (who was cashing his Tour de France paycheck) and erenon (caught running around naked in the vault!)

The returning scouts decided to catch a flick at Puckard Cinema and when NATO Master Chief wouldn't share his popcorn the scouts decided that brain tasted better anyhow!

As AP ran low a few jaffa's hit the zombies as they fled the theatre but no damage was sustained.

Back at the lair word was out that an all-out assault on an un-disclosed target was going to take place the next dusk with all horde members required - it looks like the undead are squashing all that linger in these streets and it won't be long till all buildings are "left wide open."

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Birthday Bashings! (8)

A member of the horde celebrated his birthday today by initiating a second wave attack against Tarasius General. The doors were swinging on their hinges and the pleasent aroma of fresh death stirred the second wave into a frenzy.

In teams of two they sniffed out the remaining humans and soon added to the ranks of the undead by hacking and smashing Bazza, rgr000, headlessagnew, Joachim Banger, Gottlos, Dutch Johnson, Gijo and cignet.

There was no resistance and as the AP ran low, the death quenched zombies headed back to their humble lair. The rear guard quickly infected DJ Tiesto and bangbait ... and almost as an afterthought picked up an ice-cream cake from the cafeteria for the birthday zombie and headed home.

All that remains untouched within Tarasius General were 3 other souls to mop up the mess and wake to the horror of the horde!!!!

Stat! (6)

Tarasius General received another visit from elements of the horde today. The barricades looked reasonably sturdy but a few minutes of battering allowed us to force our way through the piles of patient trolleys and zimmer frames.

Inside were a large number of humans, so we set to work converting as many of them as possible to zombiehood. We had just started work on tordo and a few others when Dr Leppy the 2nd managed to revivify one of our brethren. We decided to send him back to the lair prematurely in case the other zombies decided to go for an easy target.

The would-be doctor also managed to re-barricade the building to some degree, stalling our offensive. We disappeared for a short time hoping he would think we had given up and either go to sleep or wander off to do something else of a medical nature.

When we returned, the barricades fell easily. Inside we slaughtered Dr Leppy the 2nd (who hadn't made a break for freedom like he should have,) tordo, Nate Blows, OmarTheTentMaker, Tryagain and Michael Blackstone. We also infected six others as a parting gift.

Back at one of our lairs, our revivified compadre upskilled himself with Body Building and promptly threw himself out of a top story window.

We thank Dr Leppy the 2nd from the bottom of our hearts for this useful skill and hope that he enjoys the undead afterlife.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Massacre (8)

After being swabbed by a rogue human while we slept, one of our vigilant scouts managed to follow the perpetrator's scent to Langman Lane Fire Station. As the horde has a collective aversion to needles, we postponed our major assault on Herbert Street Police Dept. and decided to tackle the miscreant instead.

Once again only a small proportion of the horde was involved, however we managed a horde first; slaughtering everyone within a particular building in one wave. Admittedly it was only 8 barely presentable souls, but its enough of a victory for some after-meal partying at the lair afterwards.

VaZyM0lo, Flip McGraw, Kelzor the Ravenous, Rage McRoiduser, Popedo Unterpahnz, Fred Anderson, Harry 666 and The Warrior of D all met a grisly fate at the infected claws of our warriors.

The day of the next major offensive draws nearer ...