Zombie Horde - An Urban Dead Experience

Friday, November 18, 2005

Two Buildings (15)

Our original intent was to repeat our assault on Dear Street PD but events were to occur that would change our intent even as our attack was going in.

The initial assaulters found the doors to Dear Street wide open; it appeared that some other zombies had also visited this lair of humanity.

Inside we commenced the slaughter killing ogie, Eric Cord, Ben Augusta, Calloway, Brian Blessed, Kobilicious, Osric Krueger and Nanako. Fleshy Corpsen escaped at the last moment dodging a lazy blow from one of our zombie attackers.

At this point, John Hargrave launched an attack on our lair killing a single zombie. Before we could deal with him, he fled to the nearby Bewley Building. At this point, all operations were cancelled and a new order tasked to all remaining zombies: "Attack the Bewley Building."

We blasted our way in quickly killing John Hargrave (for having the temerity to attack horde assets,) dribbly fekwit, CircUK, KidJedi, Trig Skein, DrDoom and Kerc Kasha. Once again a lucky human (this time, cranky brainfart) managed to escape at the last minute!

We returned to our lair, the taste of blood and revenge still on our bared fangs.


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